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Created and crafted lovingly by Master Distiller Michael Briggs, Ironhouse's Strange Omen Single Cask Brandy Distillery's Release is aged in virgin American oak barrels for three years to aquire its incredible colour and flavour.


Made from estate-grown, fermented and harvested grapes, this Tasmanian brandy is truly something extraordinary, carefully developed over time to bring forth a classic brandy flavour mixed with a depth and profile that is at the same time both enticing and unique. 


The palate has a buttery almond nut smoothness and wooden vanillas that marry well to the dried fruit taste of sweet raisins and figs. A mineral finish matched with a high alcohol warmth of toffee and cinnamon give this superb iteration of Australian craft brandy a slow release that lingers on the tongue.

Ironhouse Strange Omen SGL Cask Brandy Distillers Release 700mL 63%



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