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This is a powerful, full-flavoured, and complex gin.

Do not be mistaken, this is not for the light of heart but created using the distillery's very own grape spirit base for drinkers of Gin with a little bit of a kick.

Grown, harvested, and then distilled at their own East Coast Distillery, located facing the Tasman Sea in the pristine Island state of Tasmania. This Artisan-style Navy Strength Gin is made using a combination of 9 botanicals which include locally sourced Tasmanian Pepperberries and Lemon Myrtle to name a few.

Its namesake comes from the legendary seafarers of old and their love for a decent drop of gin.

These sailors would often help themselves, below deck, to a nip or two of gin and to cover their heinous crime, they would then water down the ship's gin supply.

However, to tell if the gin had been watered down from Navy Strength, the Captains of these wayward salty crews would use a simple test.....

If you pour a gin on gunpowder and it still catches alight - it's still good !

Made for the Gin lover in us all, the full-flavored, strong finish is enough to complement any cocktail but, much like the sailors of old, that it is best enjoyed by itself, a sipping gin if you will.

Ironhouse Strange Omen Navy Strength Gin 700mL 59%



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