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If you’re chasing the smoothest Australian white rum, you’ve come to the right place. Slightly sweet, yet aged for two years to ensure its smoothness, this liquor is fantastic for making mojitos or any other rum cocktail. Crystal clear and made from the Kimberley cane spirit you all know and love.


Did you know: not many Aussie craft distilleries make a true white rum. Because the distiller still has to age the new-make spirit in barrels for a minimum of two years for them to be legally allowed to call it 'rum', they have to distill the spirit again at the end to remove all the colour, which is seen as a bit of a waste. 


White rum from other countries doesn't have to be in barrels for two years. As long as the spirit's had contact with wood at some point, it can be called 'rum'.

Hoochery Kimberley Moon White Rum 750mL 40%



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