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For the base of the HM No.5 Orange Squeeze Gin, father-and-daughter duo Gavin and Amy Shaw use the highest purity alcohol available in Australia and double the quantity of juniper berries that they typically use in their other gins for a big juniper taste.


To this they add coriander seeds, cinnamon, cassia sticks and finely cut locally grown lemon and anise myrtles to the mix. Oh and of course lots of fresh navel oranges.


In the HM Orange Squeeze, you'll find a commanding navel orange flavour and aroma underpinned with a double dose of juniper. Incredibly smooth on the palette with a subtle hint of spice. This award -inner is a crowd pleaser and the distillery's number one selling gin.

HM No 5 Orange Squeeze Gin 500mL 43%



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