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The ultimate in whisky craft, Hillwood 132 Sherry Cask Whisky is aged in a single ex-Sherry cask made of French oak to create depth and complexity of flavour rarely seen.  


Lovingly made by hand in the beautiful Tamar Valley of northern Tasmania in the Herron family distillery, everything from milling the grain to bottling this divine liquid is done in-house. 


Bottling this whisky at cask strength straight from the single sherry barrel, Hillman Sherry Cask comes to you at a powerful 60%ABV, meaning you get to taste everything head distiller Paul Herron intended with this work of art.


Deliciously chocolatey, the nose opens just like a Crunchie Bar, along with hazelnut, shortcake and granny smith apples. The palate builds with burnt toffee, Christmas spices and blackcurrant jam, and the finish lingers on with complexity.

Hillwood Whisky Sherry Cask 500mL 60% - 63%



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