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Gindu's Australian Gin is a contemporary style gin made with some of Australia's rarer botanicals.


Subtle juniper, combined with the floral notes of desert lime, lemon myrtle and Geraldton wax, is balanced with a delicate herbal and earthy palate from the wild basil and boab tuber, and finishes with a mountain pepperberry spicy finish. 


Gindu source their botanicals in their Australian Gin from all parts of Australia, including mountain pepperberry leaves from Gippsland Qld, lemon myrtle from the Queensland Hinterland, wild basil from the Top End, boab tubers from the Kimberley WA, mountain pepperberries from Tasmania, native currants from southern South Australia, Geraldton wax from the central west coast WA and desert limes from western NSW.

Gindu Australian Gin 500mL 40%



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