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Anther Distillery's Cherry Gin is made from over 70,000 black cherries from Spreyton Farms in Northern Tasmania. The cherries are hand pitted by more than 50 volunteers then macerated in 80% proof Anther Australian Dry Gin.


Anther's Cherry Gin is dark red in colour with a juniper kick and subtly sweet earthy notes on the finish. Each harvest brings out different elements of the dark fruity cherry flavours. Enjoy neat or use as a great base to experiment with cocktail creations at home.


Anther's Cherry Gin 17 botanicals: 

Tasmanian Black Cherries, Finger Lime, Lemon scented Gum, Eucalyptus Radiata, Macedonian Juniper, Hungarian Juniper, Egyptian Coriander Seeds, Green Indian Coriander Seeds, Cassia Chips, Orris Root, Angelica, Tarragon, Artemisia Absinthium, Clove, Nutmeg, Red Ginger and Grains of Paradise.

Anther Cherry Gin 2021 Harvest 700mL 30%

SKU: 9.37E+12


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