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This is a much-anticipated first all-Australian Whisky release.


This confident 'little upstart' was sent to time-out in ex-bourbon barrels until 23rd Street's Master Distiller gave it the golden seal of approval.


Mature, yet still assertive, luxurious dried fig and cedar aromas precede a palate of citrus peel, warm toffee and buttery length in this excellent Aussie single malt.


Australian malting barley is renowned for high quality and purity, and this single variety is sourced from southern Queensland. After malting, mashing and fermentation, the liquid is copper pot distilled then set down in ex-bourbon oak barrels.


The warm Riverland climate has gently accelerated maturation, with excellent character development.


Naturally pure, non-chill filtered.

23rd St Australian Single Malt Whisky 46% 30mL



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