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World Whisky Day 2021 - which whisky and why

Here at Nip of Courage, World Whisky Day is like our Christmas. It’s an amazing celebration of all things whisky - especially the stuff that comes from Aussie stills.

But whether its whisky, whiskey, scotch, bourbon or rye, we’re into it. And Saturday 15th May this year, we can’t wait to get amongst it.

What is whisky anyway? Let’s start there. In its simplest form, whisky is malted grain that’s fermented with yeast in water, and that’s then distilled and aged in wooden barrels.

Obviously it’s not as simple as that and a million permutations lead to an unlimited range of flavours and styles.

And it’s this incredible range that means - even if you don’t think you’re a whisky drinker - there’s a style out there for everyone. It’s just a matter of finding it.

Which whisky and why

When we think of whisky styles in the broader sense, they’re often separated by country. And there are a lot more countries making whisky than you might think. From Germany to Taiwan, India to South Africa, whisky is a truly international spirit.

So if you’re new to whisky, working out which type suits you can be confronting. Here’s a quick guide to some of the more popular styles from around the world.

As for Australian whisky, we’re blessed with some of the very best in the world.

So when you’re enjoying World Whisky Day this year - or any other day you happen to be in the mood for a dram - remember to check for any Aussie craft whisky in your vicinity.

You won’t be disappointed.

We’ve talked about whisky styles and how they relate to Australian whisky before. Here’s more on Irish, American and Scottish drams, and where Aussie whisky fits in the scheme of things.

World Whisky Day

Celebrating all these styles from across the globe, World Whisky Day, which happens every year on the third Saturday in May, encourages everyone to explore the wonders of this fascinating spirit.

There are lots of different ways to take part. From sharing a drop with friends to WWD’s World Whisky Weekender - a virtual experience that whisky fans from around the world can take part in.

You can also find out what venues in your hometown are doing. They’ll be using the hashtag #WorldWhiskyDay on social media.

But wherever you’re drinking and whatever whisky you’re enjoying this May 15th, have a happy (an responsible) World Whisky Day. Cheers!


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