Australian Craft Spirits in 10 Top Stories

Between sips of your Aussie craft gin, whisky, rum or vodka, and to help you get through the ad breaks during Die Hard and Home Alone, here are 10 stories on the amazing spirits from around the country to keep you entertained this Christmas.

I don’t know if you’ve heard, but Nip of Courage is just a flat out bloody great company to work for. Not only are the crew here some of the finest people you’ll ever meet, NOC deals with simply the best Australian spirits out there.

So while Christina and I have tried our best to make it look like we’ve slaved over every story these last 12 months, it’s actually been pretty good fun.

To show you what I mean, we’ve put together 10 articles we enjoyed creating the most since January, and ones we think are the best of the 55 we’ve written in 2021.

We hope you agree.

Thank you so much for supporting the Australian craft spirit industry.

Jimmy and Christina from Mr & Mrs Romance

1. The Secret Diary of A Bad Bartender – Hospo, Artist And Trailblazer Blue Valentine Tells All

Probably our most popular story - and our most interesting - this is an interview with Blue Valentine and her brand Bad Bartender.

She began cathartically drawing her super cool sketches of the hazards of bar work during lockdown and has since found a cult following with like-minded hospos and sympathetic (polite) punters.

She also designed the awesome artwork on the back of our Nip of Courage hoodies, which you can also buy here.

2. Meet The Distiller – Josh Walker from Timboon Railway Shed Distillery

One of the finest fellows in Australian distilling, Josh produces fantastic single malt whisky from his stunning stills in Timboon, VIC.

We've talked quite a bit about Josh's spirits this year. We reviewed his beautiful Port Expression Whisky here, his special edition gin Ruby Seven here and most recently his brilliant Smoky 1881 peated whisky here.

3. Quick Guide to The History of Australian Distilling

Australian distilling has had a hug