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We're starting a new series where we break down the basics of the Aussie Spirit World and give you the facts that we know you're just itching to know!

So, there's no such thing as Aussie Bourbon, did you know that?

A whisky can actually only be called "Bourbon" if it's made in the US, hence the reason that we have bourbon style spirits but they're not actually called "Bourbon."

So where did bourbon originate? In the lovely state of Kentucky, the place that also brought us the best fried chicken known to man.

With a bourbon in one hand, and a piece of fried chicken in the other, Kentucky is the ultimate US state.

But, back to it, whilst bourbon can be made anywhere in the US, 95% of it comes out of Kentucky and only a very small amount of "bourbon style" are made in Aus.

So, there you have it, the next fun fact to tell everyone at your mates house party.

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