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Top 10 for a Top Mum—Aussie Craft Spirit Gift Guide for Mother’s Day

Obviously, Mum deserves more than just one day a year of recognition, but it’s a good start. If you’re looking for a fitting Mother’s Day gift for the best person in the world, what’s better than an exquisite hand-crafted bottle of Australian spirits?

There’s no need to worry about what to get Mum for Mother’s Day—not when there’s just so much choice of Aussie craft spirits around.

Every time I look at the Nip of Courage shop, I’m surprised at the incredible range of options.

To prove it, we’ve put together a quick list of things—from beautiful white rum from the Kimberley to delicately infused vodkas from the Mornington Peninsula—that make perfect Mother’s Day gifts.

Get Into The Spirit Of Mother’s Day

1. Callington Mill Distillery Poltergeist Citrus Gin - Oatlands, TAS

Ideal for G&Ts, superb for negronis and outrageous in martinis, Poltergeist is a citrus-forward aromatic gin that’s so good it verges on the supernatural!

2. Mother of Pearl Vodka - Melbourne, VIC

This elegant lady of leisure has so many layers of texture and flavour. Mother of Pearl is a beautifully clean, smooth vodka that is the choice for the martini-loving Jane Bond mum!

You can read our full review of Mother of Pearl Vodka here.

3. Hoochery Kimberley Moon White Rum - Kununurra, WA

Because of the ageing laws around rum in this country (it must spend at least two years in barrels) finding a true Aussie white rum is quite hard.

The Hoochery is Australia’s longest running craft rum distillery and they’ve turned their hand to what all the Mojito Mammas out there have been waiting for: a smooth white Aussie rum packed with flavour!

4. Tanica No. 1 - Salted Plum & Ginger

All the party with none of the regrets, Tanica Distillery makes spirits that are packed with flavour but are lower in alcohol, and are prime for a delicious spritz.

Tanica No. 1 is rosy pink and full of notes from Murray River pink salt, plum, strawberry gum and a hint of ginger.

5. Mountain Gin - Macedon Ranges, VIC

For G&T fanatics, Mountain Distillery’s Mountain Gin is where it begins and ends. Packed with rugged yet elegant flavours of botanicals foraged from the alpine forests in Victoria, this gin comes alive in a light tonic or soda.

6. 36 Short Single Malt Whisky - Virginia, SA

From the lakeshore town of Virginia, this approachable yet sophisticated single malt whisky shows why Tasmanian whisky takes home all the awards. Aged in Australian Shiraz barrels then finished in ex-Bourbon casks, 26 Short’s Single Malt Whisky is simply superb.

Penni Ave Distillery, Mornington Peninsula, VIC

A rarity in Australia, this Mornington Peninsula distillery is a dedicated vodka producer. It’s no surprise these guys took home the award for Australia’s Best Vodka in 2022.

All their vodka is made from locally sourced grain, which they ferment into a neutral spirit before infusing it with a variety of sustainable native botanicals.

7. Penni Ave Distillery Pepperberry & Coastal Rosemary Vodka

Spice and depth from the pepper berry, savoury herb notes from the rosemary and a fresh zing of lemon make this vodka ideal for tonic. Gin drinkers will love this one too.

8. Penni Ave Distillery Lemon Myrtle & Kakadu Plum Vodka

Smooth, lifted notes from lemon myrtle leaves combine with the bitterness of Kakadu plums from Arnhem Land for citrus and sweet custard notes. Delicious with apple juice, soda or as a hard ice tea.

9. Penni Ave Distillery 16th Beach - Sea Celery & Saltbush Vodka

Inspired by the coastline of the Mornington Peninsula, the salt and sweetness from the saltbush and celery make this vodka the obvious choice for a bloody Mary or in a refreshing soda.

10. Penni Ave Distillery Pepperberry, Coriander & Lemon Vodka

This rare limited edition vodka from Penni Ave Distillery has earthy floral notes from the coriander, lifted citrus from lemon and a long, satisfying peppery finish. Wonderful in tonic or soda.

Bonus: Stop! Hamper Time!

Nip of Courage has a very limited gift-wrapped hamper option for Penni Ave’s Pepperberry, Coriander and Lemon Vodka.

As well as the bottle of vodka, you also get a mini cocktail shaker, a personalised gift card and some 30ml samples of other Penni Ave Distillery spirits.

It all comes gift-wrapped and ready to surprise your mum with her best Mother’s Day yet! But get in there quickly—there aren’t many of these available.

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