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We're starting a new series where we break down the basics of the Aussie Spirit World and give you the facts that we know you're just itching to know!

So, is your fave rum, really rum?

Well, let's begin by addressing what rum actually is. It's a distilled spirit made from fermenting and distilling sugarcane and then it is typically aged, which gives it that rich colour.

When a rum is unaged, it's usually called a "cane spirit" because it can not legally be called rum - but we'll come back to that.

An example of a cane spirit is the Husk - Pure Cane, give it a go!

Back to it though, legally in Australia, rum can only be called rum if it has been aged for atleast 2 years. What does aging mean you ask? It is essentially the process of letting the distilled spirit rest in wood (those big barrels you usually associate with whisky.)

So, have a look at your favourite Aussie rums, have they been aged for atleast 2 years? If not, why are they still calling it rum?!

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