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We're starting a new series where we break down the basics of the Aussie Spirit World and give you the facts that we know you're just itching to know!

So, "Agave Spirit" not "Tequila," what's it mean?

Tequila: It's a traditional spirit that has been made in Mexico for a debatable amount of years, but let's say about 1000. In the 1970's, Mexico made it law that any tequila product that is made outside of Mexico, can not legally be called "Tequila."

Agave Spirit: So, that leads us to "Agave Spirit" which is the name that Australia adopted to replace "Tequila." Aussie distillers that make Agave Spirit tend to use traditional Mexican methods, whereas some others have added their own little Aussie flair to the process.

Now that you know the difference, have a look at that bottle of Tequila sitting in your cupboard, does it actually say Tequila? and if so, is it a product of Mexico?

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